Non-Profit Services: Farmingdale, NY

Maintaining a solid financial standing and keeping a clear picture of finance are essential tasks needed for a non-profit organization to keep their operations going. Accurate and correct bookkeeping enables non-profits to track the incoming and outgoing flow of funds and to possess the necessary details need to accurately report the finances to the officers.

Many non-profits have shut-down because of financial difficulties which often result from not being able to keep track of the organization’s funds.

Island Treasury Services offers professional bookkeeping service through Quickbooks Online. By processing our client’s bookkeeping services online, it allows our staff and the non-profit treasurer to work together at anywhere and instantly.

How We Help

The Non-Profit environment has changed. Our services will help you understand how:

Community needs are growing in size and diversity.

More nonprofits are competing for government and philanthropic funds.

Traditional forms of funding are becoming smaller and less reliable.

New for-profit businesses are competing with nonprofits to serve community needs.

Funders and donors are demanding more accountability.

Our Non-Profit Accounting services include:

Annual Form 990 Filing

Fundraising & Donation Development

Apply For Tax-Exempted Status

Non-profit Consulting

Nonprofit Bookkeeping

Nonprofit State Filing